The CoR-Lab develops, maintains and supports in various research projects open-source software architectures and components, libraries or specific tools. These software artefacts range from robotics infrastructure for building complex distributed systems such as RSB, over software components for humanoid robots, cf. the NAO Components project, and libraries for machine learning to specific visualization software for neural networks.

Via http://code.cor-lab.org we want to share selected parts of these tools for collaboration and further development with the scientific community.

Please feel free to check out these projects and let us know if you would like to collaborate further. If you are interested, the project maintainers will be glad to offer you a developer account for the projects on http://code.cor-lab.org. In case you have any questions, please contact Michael Goetting for further information.

Further CoR-Lab web services related to robots, labs, software and project management:

This service is operated by the CoR-Lab Cognitive Systems Engineering (CSE) group.

Latest news

Robotics Systems Types: Version 0.11 has been released
Added by J. Moringen 3 months ago

Robotics Service Bus: We are starting to phase out support for RSB 0.9
We are starting to phase out support for RSB 0.9 by deactivating the associated Jenkins jobs.
Added by J. Moringen 4 months ago

Robotics Service Bus: RSB 0.11 has been released
We are happy to announce the release of version 0.11 of the RSB middleware.
Added by J. Moringen 4 months ago

Robotics Systems Commons: Version 0.11 has been released
Version 0.11 of project:rsc has been released.
Added by J. Wienke 4 months ago

vdemo: New branch 0.3 created
Added by J. Wienke 8 months ago

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Latest projects

  • RSB Visualization Tools (01/12/2015 05:25 PM)

    Graphical Tools for RSB.

  • plantUML DSL (09/01/2014 02:34 PM)

    DSL for description of plantUML diagrams and corresponding code generation.

  • RSB SCXML Engine (08/19/2014 02:58 PM)

    Interpreter component for statecharts specified in W3C's SCXML format extended with custom actions and conditions for RSB integration.

  • RSB Performance Monitor (05/12/2014 12:43 PM)

    Resource and performance monitoring tools for RSB.

  • Calibration (04/02/2014 06:27 PM)

    Calibration and transformation component.

    • Calibration Learner: Learns a 6-dimensional coordinate transformation (translation and orientation) based on point-pairs of two coordinate systems
    • Coordinate Transformation: Transforms 6D-points (position and orientation) based on the learned transformation from first coordinate system to second...